How to Use Meet Via Google Calendar and Mobile Phone

Don’t know how to use Meet via google calendar and mobile phone, not to worry. It is better late than never

As I told earlier in the first phase of “how to do video conferencing on meet via Gmail, that we would be taking you through different phases on how to use the Meet, well here we are. Not may people can use the Google Meet through Google calendar and their mobile phone, which can be somewhat awkward.

Google recently rolled out Meet on Gmail, to help people access the videoconferencing app instead of downloading it. The feature was also rolled out to Google Calendar.

How to use Meet via Google Calendar

  1. The moment you schedule a meeting using Google calendar, you will find a new button “Add Google Meet video conferencing”.
  2. Click on the button, once that is done, you will get an opportunity to copy the web address of the meeting. You can also add guests from your Google Contacts list or type in their addresses.
  3. If the guests are added, you can then email them the invitations to the meeting. The emails will only include all the information about the meeting and allow them to give a Yes/No/Maybe response. They can also suggest an alternative time.

If you want to use the videoconferencing app to the fullest on your mobile phone, just download the meet app on your phone via Google Play or Apple’s App Store. Once a link for your meeting is sent to your WhatsApp group chat, click on it and then wait for the host to let in. Immediately the host lets you, your meeting has started.

You can also add this to your plate in case you are stranded at any point in time.

How to use present in Meet

Most people do have weekly or monthly meetings, product demonstrations. So if there is someone leading the meeting, and they have presented their screen. It is important to see what they are talking about.

To prevent losing your screen when someone else is talking, or asking questions, click on the presenter’s icon on the righthand side of the Hangouts screen, and itis will stop it from changing if someone else starts speaking.

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