How to Use Twitter Dark Mode on Your Android and iPhone

The Twitter dark mode gives a refreshing new look to your eyes especially when you are using it in the night

Using Twitter with light mode can be dangerous for the eyes especially if you have bad eyesight like me. The dark mode is a very interesting tool as it helps in the extension of battery life. It has been discovered that dark pixels draw noticeable less power than the white one and on devices with AMOLED screens.

Interestingly the feature is on Whatsapp and Instagram and one for Facebook is coming on the way.

How to use Twitter and Android and iPhone 

Twitter for Android and iPhone has two dark modes including one with a dark blue background called ‘Dim’ and a dark background called ‘lights out’ which was designed with AMOLED screens.

  1. Open your ‘Twitter’ and go to the main menu
  2. Then select ‘Settings’ and ‘privacy’
  3. Tap ‘Display’ and ‘Sound’
  4. Then choose either ‘Dim’ or ‘Lights out’

How to Use Twitter Night Mode


For Android

  1. Open your phone’s settings
  2. Scroll downs to ‘Apps’ and you will find Twitter and click on it
  3. Then select ‘Force stop’ and then clear the app’s data.
  4. Re-launch Twitter and the Lights Out option should now be available.

For Desktop

  1. Open ‘Settings and Privacy’ menu
  2. Select ‘Display’
  3. Choose ‘Default, Dim or Lights Out’
  4. Pick the color you like

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