How to use two WhatsApp messengers on one Phone

two whatsapp on one phones

Dual Sim android phone users, can I hear you scream in victory. This is a victory for you over iPhone users. You can finally do something they cannot do with their sleek classy phones.

Did you know you could use two WhatsApp on your dual Sim phone just as you can receive messages on both without disturbing the other?

Your cellphone number is the basic requirement needed to verify your identity on WhatsApp; you do not need an email. Therefore, nothing stops you from registering your numbers on two different apps on one phone. This blog post will guide you through the installation process.

You firstly would have to confirm if the manufacturer of your Smartphone has created the possibility to clone an app on your phone without the use of a cloning app. Chinese phones like Xiaomi, Honor and Oppo have in built app duplication features in there setting.

You do not have to feel bad is your phone does not have default setting that supports App duplication or cloning all you need is to get one on your phone from Play Store. You could download Parallel Space.

Parallel Space helps you get through the cloning stage of your WhatsApp and any App on your phone easily. Once installed on your device, it take you to the App cloning page. Process to select your WhatsApp and tap the Parallel Space button, which duplicates the App on your phone.

Setting up a second WhatsApp account on your phone is not a difficult process at all. Open the WhatsApp application. Agree to the terms and conditions of using the device as you did on the previous WhatsApp. Continue all process involved in the installation of your WhatsApp as if it is the only one on your device.

The most important thing to do is to verify number, do not make a mistake to input the old number into the new WhatsApp, this will mean you just shifted from one App to another.

WhatsApp would send you a verification code to authenticate the number inputted and that solves the problem of installation. If you do not get the SMS to verify your profile, tap the Call button on your screen to get the verification via a call. You can be send and receive messages effortlessly after the verification stage.

It would be an awesome experience to have two WhatsApps on your dual sim phone, because this automatically helps you maintain a level of privacy, since you do not have to give out your two numbers against your will because you need to communicate on WhatsApp. Let me know if you found this useful enough. Leave a comment below.

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