How VR tech in China is helping the country hold down drug Addicts

VR China

China Rehab centers have introduced the use of high-end technology VRs to check the  system monitors eye movement, body heat and heart rate of addicts to know if they long for drugs.

A pilot program in Shanghai is using VR headsets to discover whether addicts still crave drugs, flashing them a series of realistic scenes that test whether they’re excited by the prospect of using a banned substance, according to The South China Morning Post. For instance, an addict lingering over a scene of people sharing drugs might indicate he or she is still interested in getting high.

The headset tracks eyeball movement, while other accessories monitor rises in body temperature and heart rate to give staff a sense of an addict’s desire for drugs.

This is the country’s way of ensuring that it has a saner clime as people caught with the possession of drugs are expected nothing less than two years in Rehab to maintain sobriety before moving into the society.

Well, in Nigeria could introduce such policies then maybe a lot of people would stay off drugs and we would have a saner community as against just using VR and High-end technological devices for the fun of social class.

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