HP to Eliminate 75% of Plastic Packaging Use by 2025

HP has announced is goals and commitment to eliminate 75% of plastic packaging use by 2025

In an effort to reduce the environmental footprint, HP is planning to 75% eliminate use plastic packaging use by 2025. The company reassured the audience of its commitment in the just-released 2019 Sustainable Impact Report.

“The HP culture has long been built on the belief that how we do things is just as important as what we do. Recent events have laid bare the systemic racism and deep inequalities that remain a stain on society, and it’s imperative for all companies to act with urgency on all fronts. While we have a lot of hard work ahead, our values-driven culture that unites our teams and our partners give me confidence in our ability to accelerate our progress and foster a more sustainable, equitable, and just society,” HP’s President and CEO, Enrique Lores.

The commitment is to support the company’s efforts to drive a low-carbon and secular economy. It also supports the company’s efforts to make a sustainable impact on people, the planet, and communities. The Sustainable Impact Report has helped to push the sum of $1.6 billion in sales wins in 2019.

HP’s goal focuses on hardware unit packaging and is planning to move to moulded fibre packaging cushions, while its packaging strategy aims to remove unnecessary plastics and materials of concerns wherever possible.

The company is also moving from plastic foam packaging cushions to those made with 100 per cent recycled, moulded pulp for HP’s notebooks, desktops and displays.

In other news, for 3D printing, HP recently announced the availability of a new material called polypropylene (PP), that helps reduce waste by enabling up to 100% reusability of surplus powder.

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