HP’s latest 3D metal jet to ease metalic printing commercialization


HP is is releasing a 3D Metal printing device to advance its earlier launched Jet Fussion 3D printer

HP sets to launch its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer,to get into the world of 3D metal printing with its latest Metal Jet. While the consumer buzz around 3D printing seems to be cooling off, it’s still a useful technology for large scale manufacturing, especially when it comes to metallic components. However HP is not ready to let people off the buzz with its latest metal jet which could be a major breakthrough for commercial printing. The usual benefits of 3D printing still apply to the new metal jet, it can be both significantly faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

According to HP, Metal Jet is a “voxel-level binder jetting technology” that is up to 50 times more productive than the already existing 3D printing solutions. It also features four times the nozzle redundancy and double the printbars of the competition which are the common-like feature of the two. Basically, it can be potentially even cheaper and more efficient than what’s currently available.
The company is in partnership with other companies lik GKN and Parmatech to make body parts available for shipment. Its current customers include Volkswagen, Wilo, Okay Industries and Primo Medical Group. VW is currently using the technology for customizable components like key rings and name plates, but eventually it plans to use it for more significant components like mirror mounts and gearshift tops. And, as you’d expect, Metal Jet could play a major role as VW gets into electric cars.

Starting next year, customers will be able to upload their 3D models to the Metal Jet Production Service, Afterwards, HP engineers will help guide them through the process of building their components. (HP admits that some designs won’t be compatible with Metal Jet just yet until further advancement is made available) The company expects to make Metal Jet printers available to early customers in 2020 for under $400,000, with broader availability to follow in latteat 2021. Metal printer is definitely going to cahange so many things about metal plate desing especially for the manual(handmade) printing.

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