HTC beat the Pixel 2 with a sleeker U12 Life


Google’s Pixel 2 is one of the most perfectly craved device of the year, but what if I told you another brand has waited and has made something familiar yet sleeker that the Pixel 2.

HTC has just announced a new flagship that will be due for release in October and if going by what has been released by the brand the device is certainly of the next big things when mobile technology is considered.

The device is not just up-tight based on functions, but also in terms of its design which is really sleek. The brand describes its as thus

 HTC U12 Life sits a step below the U12+ flagship but doesn’t shy away from harboring some top-shelf specs such as up to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, dual camera, and a big battery. The 6″ display is 1080p, and the octa-core chipset is Snapdragon 636 – these are the only thing that would preclude the U12 Life from being flagged as a high-end device. The dual camera on the back is comprised of 16MP main sensor plus a 5MP depth-sensing one.

This device is expected to come with a 3600 mAh battery capacity,  RAM: 6 GB, MEMORY: 128 GB. In terms of its camera the device comes with a 16 MP Dual LED flash light rear camera, with a F 2.0 aperture size and a Second camera (5-megapixel), Autofocus.  The device has a front camera with a 13 MP.

Sadly, the device is not going to pre-installed with the latest Google OS, by the 8.1 Android edition.


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