Huawei Has Yet Again Trademarked Its Homegrown OS, Now As ‘Harmony’


Trademarking an OS name is very ideal, however, doing the same for several names can be very hilarious as in the case of Huawei who has just trademarked it Homegrown OS for the third time now as ‘Harmony ‘

What is not clear is whether it’s doing the naming for a different OS, which it doesn’t look so. There is no doubt that the company have been linked to the the eventuality of owning its own Operating System (OS) For the fosterity o fits mobile devices.

Well, that may be a thing should the company eventually loses its ability to license Android for the same upcoming products in the future due to its uneven relationships with the US government.

While that seem to no longer bother the Chinese-based company, it’s latest  activity that has drawn a lot of questioning is naming its recently-announced Homegrown OS.

Having trademarked Three different names for the new OS, ‘Ark’ ‘Oak’ and ‘HongMeng ‘ respectively, the company has reportedly filled trademark application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, attempting to register the name ‘Harmony’ for an operating system for mobile and computer use. The application is dated July 12, 2019, and is currently under examination.

According to a reliable source, the company chose the name ‘Harmony ‘as the OS’ moniker which will be used in the Global market. On that note the other Three given names will be used in specific markets respectively.

That been said, rumors suggest that the new OS is currently in use on about a million device, although as test version. Meanwhile, Huawei CEO recently boasted that the HongMeng OS is faster than Android and can be used on devices from routers to data centers. While that is still not arguable, it is only a matter of time to tell  if Huawei’s CEO statement is actually genuine or otherwise.

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