Huawei ICT Academy Hosts Virtual Training for Nigerian Students

Huawei ICT Academy is hosting an online training for Nigerian students registered under its authorized information and network academy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to ongoing pandemic, different countries around the world were forced to declare a general lockdown, although it has now been eased in most places, however, this has made a lot of people; corporate employees, students among others to stay at home.

While the pandemic has greatly impacted the education sector around the globe with no fewer than 1.5 billion students stuck indoors; Students who don’t have access to the internet were mostly affected as there are no alternative means of following up on their curriculums.

That been said, Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy (HAINA) in collaboration with more than 70 universities in Nigeria were set up to train students for free in the latest internationally relevant ICT skills in subjects such as Networks, Cloud Computing and Big Data.

According to the Head of IT Technical Support Unit, Katsina State Institue of Technology and Management, and Huwaei Academy Instructor in Routing, Lawal Ahmad Alassan, his first batch of online classes had between 75 to 50 students from different universities across Nigeria.

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“It was a wonderful experience coming from a virtual classroom organized by Huawei. The students were so overwhelmed and as we speak now we have over 250 students waiting to be trained and still making inquiries and applications for training. To some of the students it was a new experience and they never thought they could achieve such a training process while staying at home.” Alassan said.

“The online training has made instructors and the students bother less about the lockdown because we have been made to acquire knowledge through Huawei’s training platform in the most incredible manner. With these trainings, the ICT industry in Nigeria would grow faster.” He added.

He further commended Huawei for this great initiative by saying that, “If our education sector could include virtual classes in our educational platform, it will go a long way in solving most of our educational challenges in Nigeria. On behalf of the students and myself and co-instructors, Huawei has made the stay at home caused by the COVID-19 a blessing in disguise”.

One of the participants also commended the initiative. “The HCIA training was insightful and detailed though in a short time. It forms a foundation for my Huawei 5G career pursuit,” She said.

Many students are benefitting from the Huawei virtual classroom and this new initiative, a lot of students will be to acquire more knowledge while staying at home.

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