Huawei Mate 30 And Mate 30 Pro To Be Unveiled By September 19


In order to Keep pace as from the start of the year, Huawei is reportedly planning to unveil its latest Mate Flagship in the coming month of September

While Samsung refreshed its list of the top-notch device by unveiling its Note 10 series in the previous week, it only makes sense for a close competitor to follow suit in order to stay relevant in the ‘horse race’. Huawei is also planning to update its Mate family with it proposed Mate 30, and Mate 30 Pro.

Although there have been several rumors that suggested a potential launch from the Huawei brand, however, until now, a reliable source, High-tech has informed that the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro will be made official in Europe on September 19.

According to, the informant apparently happens to be the president of Huawei Consumer Business Software, Dr. Wang Chenglu, and if it happens to be true indeed, then there is an epitome of credibility in the information.

According to the source, Dr. Wang also mentioned a new Kirin 990 chipset would be powering the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro. While one of the spotlight features of the device will be silicon with increased energy efficiency.

While the new info somewhat contradicts the previous rumors that the upcoming device will host a Kirin 985 Chipset, the most recent info suggest that it will rather host a Kirin 990 chipset instead. Although both numbers are quite close, however, it comes with a major difference, but as far as there is no official statement on either hint, we can only expect a chipset within the two ranges.

The Kirin is also expected to have a 5G modem built-in, which means the device will be an addition to the company’s list of 5G smartphones. Well, don’t take that as a YES yet, considering that info on that note is still a bit fuzzy, though, since other source claims a separate Mate 30 5G variant will arrive around December this year, a few months later than the alleged September 19 announcement date, then it could just be device we have been waiting for all along.

About other details of the upcoming Mate 30 Pro, although applicable for the ordinary mate as well (especially in terms of Hardware), you can expect a 6.7-inch, 90HZ, BOE-made AMOLED panel is hinted at. Also 55W charging, an under-display fingerprint reader, yet still a fairly large display notch, which could suggest advanced face-scanning hardware. Rumors also say the Mate 30 Pro will be rocking two massive 40MP on the back, as part of a circular camera module.

If Dr. Wang is to be believed, there are also a few negative news (depending on how you take it) about the upcoming device- the Mate 30 family won’t come with Google Play Services pre-installed. That, combined with HarmonyOS could have pretty interesting implication for the future. But let’s not think too far ahead. Speaking of which, we even have alleged pricing for the entire Mate 30 line already leaked. You should probably take that with a grain of saws as well, though.

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