Huawei Mate 30 is Reportedly Void of American Component


Huawei flagship device, Mate 30 is reportedly void of American parts although the Chinese company claimed it hadn’t stopped the use of American component entirely

The Chinese-American trade war has no doubt pushed Huawei to the extreme and has left the Chinese-based mobile phone maker doing what is supposed to be the impossible. During the heat of the Trade band, the popular question asked by many is whether the Chinese phone maker can actually do without American components. However, it is shocking to be aware that Huawei, contrary to many opinions can apparently do without the use of American components.

In a report published by the Wall Street Journal, an analysis by UBS and Fomalhaut Techno Solutions revealed that the recently launched Mate 30 outrightly contains no US part at all. While the revelation comes as shocking news to many, it appears that Huawei has found an alternative supplier (non-American) for all of the essential parts it usually gets from the respective US companies.

According to the new report, some of those critical part it got for its Mate 30 from a new source include audio amplifiers which now comes from the Netherlands’ NXP rather than Cirrus Logic. Also, Huawei is now relying entirely on its own HiSilicon semiconductor division for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips rather than Broadcom while using other companies like Japan’s Murata and Taiwan’s MediaTek for other parts previously supplied by US manufacturers.

While the decision to source for alternative supplier was basically as a result of the ongoing Trade war between China and America, a spokesperson for Huawei in a statement to a reliable source informed that Huawei has a “clear preference to continue to integrate and buy components from U.S. supply partners,”

“If that proves impossible because of the decisions of the US government, we will have no choice but to find alternative supply from non-US sources.” the spokesperson added.

That been said, it is also technical that Huawei can not totally abandon the use of American parts just yet, and as a matter of fact, Insights from reliable sources revealed (after teardown) that the high-end Mate 30 Pro that features a 5G broadband connectivity still makes use of American parts such as chips from Qualcomm as well as Texas instruments.

While that remains a fact, it is still unclear whether the parts that is been used are from those that the company was reportedly stockpiling in anticipation of sanctions or otherwise. Either way, it is not surprising to see the company diversify its supply chain which is considered as one of its biggest moves lately.


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