Huawei Plans To License 5G Tech To US Companies

Huawei has quite a little or almost no chance to penetrate the US market ever since it was enlisted on the Trumps Administration blacklist

However, there seems to be a twist to the story- Despite the ongoing ban, Huawei has failled to stop trying hard to gain back its reputation that has been on the line for months now. In the latest development, the Chinese-based phonemaker is reported to be in early discussion with several American companies on licensing its 5G tech.

While there is still no much progress as to its ltest plan, some unnamed firms have “shown interest” in both long-term deals and one-time transfers. With that being a constant, it is quite difficult to tell if the Chinese company would eventually land a deal ot not, however, it is all dependent on the kind of restriction that was initially placed on the tech giant by the US governmemt.

As at the time of writing this article, Huawei still sits on the US Commerce Department’s Entity List, preventing it from doing business with US companies without explicit permission.

As for Huawei licensing a 5G tech to Us Companoes- such action could easily be considered a similar violation, even if no physical goods change hands. That’s aside the fact that Politicians have been suspicious of Huawei and the possibility that it might slip Chinese government surveillance software into equipment, where it might not matter whose equipment that is.

At the same time, it is almost inevitable that companies would be tempted to buy the idea of 5G tech that are currently outside of Huawei, dominated by Ericsson and Nokia.

Now, American companies would like to leap into 5G and offer more competition, even if they’re technically ‘borrowing’ from Huawei as the case might be in the longrun.

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