Huawei Projects 260 Million smartphone Shipment In 2019


Regardless of several ups and down, which also includes getting its Android license revoked back in May, Huawei is still ‘optimistically’ hoping to exceed its smartphone sales target for 2019

Now you can understand why the Chinese brand is still unshaken, or let’s say ‘not outrightly affected’ by its many challenges so far, it is most likely because it has maintained its resilience spirit over the years, hence the reason it is still doing just fine even after the recent Trade Ban issued by the US Government.

About meeting its key performance indicator (KPI) which include an initial projection of about 250 million phone shipment during the period of 2019; the company seems to be doing just fine, and as it stands, hopes to surpass the projected number by a couple of millions more. According to an insider analyst, Gu Minghao informed that the projection is expected to hit 260 million, which is 10 million more than what was fore-expected before the end of the year.

Guo also informed that the company’s biggest factor is the Chinese market, and by that, it has managed to increase its shares this ongoing year. In addition, Huawei has regained its sales in some overseas markets, however, the analysis doesn’t specify which market it is.

As part of Guo’s conviction for a more yielding 2019, He expects Huawei to fully overcome its current issues with the US authorities towards the end of July, and if that happens, the sole action will put the company’s sales back on a pace that can challenge the likes of Samsung in order to become the biggest global smartphone vendor of the year considering that it currently stands second on the list.

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