Huawei Reschedules Its Mate X Foldable Launch For November


Launching a foldable device hasn’t been an easy task for a majority of the mobile brands, not even for Huawei who have long teased the launch of its Mate X which is supposedly meant to be the company’s first

The Chinese phone maker has had a really though previous quarter, and as a matter of fact, it hasn’t gotten any better with the ongoing US-Trade Ban, however, the company has been surviving regardless. While this single course has affected a lot of Huawei’s activity, it is also one of the major reason for the delay of the launch of the company’s first foldable phone- the Mate X.

While the Mate X was initially scheduled for a September launch, a recent report now suggest otherwise. The information was made known during a briefing by the company in China, where it informed that the launch of the Mate X has now be moved from September to November, about two months away from the initial date. Having said that, Huawei also revealed that an updated version of the device is currently underway, and unlike the starter, will feature more screens.

Also, like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold with hinge mechanism issue, the Mate X had been earlier diagnosed for a similar problem, however, during the recent briefing, the company told that it has made refinements to the ‘falcon hinge’ that’s responsible for the phone’s folding mechanism, but it won’t be made of carbon fiber as many thought.

According to a reliable source, the company had attempted to make use of aluminum in place of steel for the back of the device in order to make it 20 grams lighter, however, they failed with the attempt, hence, having to go through another means, although not made known just yet. We would have to wait until November to have a hint of what material is been used except for otherwise, let’s say a leak pops up before then.

While Huawei and Samsung had to deal with durability-related issues in their respective product, they both claimed to have put everything in check, however, this can only be confirmed by the time both devices are launched in September and November respectively. But before then, do you think Huawei purposely delayed its launch so that Samsung can launch its own device ahead, or is it just some random excuse that has to do with convenience?

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