Huawei Smartphones Are Not Getting Harmony OS This Year

Huawei in the wake of the Sino-US Trade war has taken one of the boldest of steps by announcing its own sustainable Operating System following Google’s withdrawal from the brand during the war.

While this feels like the end of an era that has been held for a long time by Google, the brand might not most likely be debuting the new Operating System on the several flagships lines that it has selling in the market at the moment.

Vincent Yang, Huawei Senior VP, spoke at a media event in New York and said the Chinese maker has no plans to launch a Harmony OS-powered smartphone this year.

However, he confirmed the company is launching other smart products with the OS, like a television and a smartwatch, both arriving at the market shelves before the end of 2019.

He also stressed that the company operates and respects one ecosystem and will maintain one standard. However, he has stated that Harmony will serve as a backup variant if the situation between the United States and China worsens and the company is banned from trading with US partners.

At the moment, the brand is going through a 90-day extension period until there is a resolution in the ongoing trade war between the two economies.


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