Huawei Takes the Lead in 5G Patent Race

Among the several tech companies that have filed for 5G patent, Chinese mobile manufacturer- Huawei is currently taking the lead in the patent race so far

5G technology is definitely one of the biggest trends in the tech space lately, and while it isn’t all about the network itself, many companies including smartphone brands have been working really hard to ensure their readiness for the fifth-generation broadband network.

According to Statistica who shared the report on how well tech companies are doing with respect to the 5G technology– the German online portal for statistics, in an attempt to determine who is leading the global race for 5G technology analyzed the number of companies that filed applications for patents.

companies with most 5G patent families and patent families applications
Image Source; Statista

As seen in the image above, the lead was determined using the total number of patents that have been filed by a company, and how many have been granted yet. Although Huawei, has less granted patents than Samsung, however, it came first with an overall patent at 3,325. Samsung who came by closely had 2,846 overall patents in total, followed by LG, Nokia, ZTE, Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Intel with 2,463, 2,308, 2,204, 1,423, 1,330, 934 respectively. Based on the numbers of Patents granted, Samsung came first, followed by Nokia, LG, Huawei, Qualcomm, Ericsson, ZTE, and Intel.

That been said, it is, however, still very early to determine who will win the race in the long run, considering that many sources are of the opinion that the 5G tech adoption will fully take off sometimes in 2021/2022.




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