Huawei Trademarks Its Own OS again, Names It ‘Hongmeng’


Amid the ongoing US-China Trade War, Huawei takes time aside to trademarks its homegrown OS

Huawei finally takes another step regarding its own OS to in an attempt to upset the US President Trumps Administration, who have over the last few weeks shown specific disapproval for the smartphone brand. In an attempt to pose unshaken by the current situation, Huawei has decided to give a legal name to its own OS that has been in an underground use for years now.

Now the OS, according to the tech giant has been trademarked in Peru under the name “Hongmeng,” for use within nine countries and Europe (although in Europe it’s been trademarked under the name “Ark OS”). While the company previously announced a Fall period for the general rollout of the software, it may lead to permanent denial of access to Android OS. However, while launching its own OS is one way Huawei could continue operations in the face of its US ban, there are concerns about such a system’s security, as the software is not the company’s strongest area.

Also, while there is a lot attached to the current ban of Huawei by the  US government, the smartphone company has made its intention clear to the  Federal Communications Commission as regarding patenting its own OS.  A letter published this week, however, condemns the decision to ban the company on the grounds of national security threats, noting that doing so will “do little or nothing to protect the security of America’s telecommunications networks,” and that forcing operators to replace their existing equipment would “pose a greater threat” to network security.

That been said, the ban isn’t the only legal challenge for Huawei who is currently having beef with Verizon as well. As reported by a reliable sourceHuawei is said to be seeking patent fees from Verizon., while people familiar with the matter informed that the tech giant has found Verizon guilty of violating 238 of its patents law, therefore making claims adding up to more than $1 billion. Whether or not the information is a false claim cannot be determined just yet, however futuristic actions from both companies will determine ‘which is which’.

Huawei is currently experiencing one of its toughest time in the industry, and it has been a long time coming to quit anytime soon.


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