Huawei Trademarks P300, P400, and P500 In The UK


The Chinese phone maker has submitted a list of three names for trademarking to the intellectual property office of the United Kingdom

While trademarking products has always been a thing for brands, Huawei has made it even more obvious by publicly announcing a lot of its products which recently pass through the same procedure.

The latest in this category for the company is a list of three names which are supposedly meant for smartphones, some of which are likely going to precede their most previous flagships- P30, P40, and P50.

The new names submitted for trademarking in the UK includes ‘P300’, ‘P400’, and P500. All the three names marks a shift from the company’s two-digit naming which suggest they are more or less the pro versions of the previously launched devices.

While this is not the first time the company is coming up with an inclusive numbering, Huawei’s phone nomenclature has never been too clear to outsiders, however, the P and Mate series have remained somewhat logical.

In 2017, the P10 replaced the P9, and the next year Huawei opted for 20 instead of 11, which led us to the current P30. The same thing happened with the Mate branch – only we’re a generation short and are expecting the Mate 30 this fall.

That been said, there is still no justification for

Huawei to go ahead with the numbering that suggest an additional ‘0’ for the next  iteration in the P-series, however, given that the company’s naming logic has often eluded us, and at that, they could have something entirely different in mind.

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