Huawei unveils its TalkBand B5 smartwatch

Huawei unveils its TalkBand B5 smartwatch

Huawei today announced the launch of a new smartwatch, the Huawei TalkBand B5. It’s the fourth generation of the company’s TalkBand products and the successor to the Huawei TalkBand B3 which was launched in 2013. It features a 1.13 inch AMOLED touchscreen display with 160×300 pixel resolution. The display is 2.4 times bigger than that of its predecessor.

Like the ones before it, the TalkBand 5 is a hybrid device which can function as a Bluetooth headset and a smart health tracker. The wearable device will enable users to monitor their health on a daily basis while also keeping an eye on notifications from a paired smartphone.

Also, with its TruSeen heart rate technology, the device can monitor heart rate continuously while also tracking a whole host of activities such as running, treadmill running, walking, indoor cycling, riding, and freestyle training. The Truesleep tracking technology monitors different stages of sleep through the night.

According to Huawei, running under the hood of this device is the industry’s first triple-core audio chip and it also comes with a dual-MIC noise reduction quality for pure and clear sound. Users can also take photos remotely using the TalkBand B5’s Remote Shutter. The device is also said to be dust and water resistant.

The company offers stylish and premium straps for the wearable device in sport, fashion and business editions and it will be available in markets across the globe from August 2018.

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