Huawei Will Reportedly Sue FCC Over New Restrictions

It looks like Huawei’s fight against the US government will not end soon as the Chinese giant is preparing to sue the Federal Communication Communication (FCC)

FCC last week approved approve measures that would deny money being paid to those who use equipment from Huawei and ZTE  products. However, the FCC’s Universal Service Fund has $8.5 billion to give to those involved in making improvements to the communications infrastructure in the US, but no penny will go to those using equipment from companies they considered as national threats.

According to a statement by Huawei, it seems that the company is not happy with this new development as it called the decision unlawful. The company who is also preparing to sue FCC to challenge its decision added that the decision will have profound negative effects on connectivity for Americans in rural and underserved areas across the United States.

Though FCC nick-named Huawei a threat in the country, it has not however provided tangible or reasonable evidence to back up its claim. Its allegation is based on a mistaken view of Chinese law, that Huawei might come under Chinese government control.

With many smaller operators already using Huawei’s equipment, it’s unlikely that they’ll have the money to replace it. The Wall Street Journal reports that the filing will be made next week in the fifth circuit court of appeals in New Orleans.

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