Huawei’s 55-inch Honor Vision Will Cost Only ₦195,665

Huawei has launched a new smart and it will be the first device for the company to run on its recently-launched homegrown Harmony OS

The Chinese electronics company is in no mood for a joke when it comes to actualizing its goal of creating and utilizing its own homegrown Operating System (OS). While the company launched its Harmony OS in Brooklyn a few days ago, it has finally launched the first device on which the OS will first debut, and as expected, it did with an IoT gadget.

The Chinese tech giant unveiled the Honor Vision TV on Saturday that will be the first device powered by Huawei’s own operating system, the HarmonyOS. While the TV has been earlier tipped by various rumors, it was unveiled during the event in Brooklyn, apart from the price that was tipped, the global release of the device is still imminent.

During the event, Huawei’s CEO, Richard Yu presented a lengthy speech on how the new OS will be put to use, during the speech, he specifically told that the new OS will primarily be used for IoT devices for a start, however, in the long run, it will be used for smartphones as well, especially when the company is totally cut off supply of Android, even tho it currently not an easy bargain with the American supplier at the moment, considering that the US Trump’s Administration has rather been a pain in the ass of the Chinese tech giant.

For the company, releasing a smart TV, 55-inch Honor Vision, is part of the company’s plan to set its homegrown OS on motion, and if all works perfectly fine, then the company may have just begun its new journey in the right path. Also, while speaking, Yu was of the opinion that the company would have preferred to continue using the Android OS, but for uncertainty reasons, it might result to the use of the Harmony OS after a while.

Released under the Honor brand that Huawei owns, the 55-inch Honor Vision series starts at 3,799 yuan ($538 or ₦195,665).

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