IBAKATV Acquire AWS Cloud Services for more Accessibility

    iBAKA TV has recently obtained Amazon Web services in an effort to increase its offerings

    The entertainment company has taken this major step in order to make its online platform accessible to the world. In recent times, more people around the world seem to prefer online entertainment platforms to traditional channels. This is a key reason behind iBAKA TV decision to pay more attention to spreading its services around the world.

    The ultimate goal of iBAKA TV is to contribute to the expansion of the VOD market by partnering with major key players in the industry. The online platform runs a subscription-based video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service which is accessible directly to its viewers online.

    What iBAKA TV does, is that they secure Nollywood content distribution. The company does this by licensing movies directly from the content owners. By doing this, Nollywood lovers around the world can watch movies non-stop.

    Right now in Nigeria, the movie industry is rapidly growing and the subscription video on demand (SVOD) revenue is projected to reach US$729 million by 2021.

    Technology in its own end has proven to be a powerful instrument in ensuring views get a seamless entertainment experience.

    However, challenges are inevitable when delivering over 15,000 hours of Nollywood blockbuster movies and TV series.

    To this end, iBAKATV’s streaming service has experienced multiple difficulties over time with regards to their website hosting and efficiency. The aim of the company though is to offer its viewers high-resolution content faster, with low latency and at a low cost.

    In a bid to solve this problem, the iBAKATV has decided to invest in AWS’s cloud services such as Amazon S3 Bucket, Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon and AWS Elemental Media store.

    The services this AWS cloud provide include

    1. Reliable and durable data storage
    2. Handling the varying load of application traffic
    3. Provide a storage service optimized for media.

    Particularly, Amazon’s Clooudfront’s fast content delivery has aided in securely delivering content to customers globally with low latency and high transfer speeds.

    The advantage this has is that the viewers on iBAKA TV can now view on an average, up to 50% reduction in first-byte latency. They can have this reduction when they wish to access watchable content.

    One reason the entertainment platform has chosen AWS is because of the breadth and depth of AWS platform. The AWS platform is one that provides flexibility and scalability which would help them scale up and down with ease. It would also help the company balance loads.

    Speaking on the new development, CEO of iBAKA TV, Blessed Idornigie said that; “We are happy to work with Amazon Web Services to provide our viewers with the highest quality African video content on our video-on-demand platform.”

    Now, the platform is able to serve high-resolution videos with reduced data consumption and increased security. This means that the website can now be accessed from any part of the world. The users can easily use any device, be it a laptop, tablet, or a mobile device.


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