Ooni of Ife endorses essence of Nigerian technology news website askifa.ng


It is interesting how Africans sometimes do not embrace the pristine nature of our culture. We have in the most sense of it, lost the basics of what makes us human rather the tone of our skin.

Over the years, we have embraced an identity that is defined by the colour of our skin, we have lost touch with our sense of belonging and the power of starting something that could change the cause of things rather than the nature of crime we have been associated with over the years.

Well, you could call election rigging, Yahoo-Yahoo, Police Brutality, Poor Education, Hunger, Poverty our condensed universal language. However, there is more to who we are than what we have thought ourselves to be.

We have over the year forgotten that our culture bore the flames of innovation and development. Historically, Africa has always been a crude state of genius minds and strength. Did you just ask me how? Well, the first writing material was created in Egypt.

Although the world we live in today, has moved into a virtual space where we now rely more on our phones and tablets, and computers to source for pieces of information about the past, present and projections for the future using the right keywords we cannot despite the crude point where the defined and refined item arose from.

Google has made gathering database, marketing, navigations, planning and communication, a lot earlier to suit the modern man, and as one, I would not dispute the effectiveness of the search engine in my daily dealings and planning.

However, as a student of Yoruba in secondary school, I had the opportunity to learn the rudiments of Ifá in class and it was one of the most interesting things I learnt through my formal study of my mother tongue and culture.

It was a must then, that you had the oju odu merindinlogun book by Prof Wande Abimbola to gain access to class to learn this vital aspect of the Yoruba culture.

Based on my past learnings in these classes, 16 pillars were the plot results to any consultation of the Ifá oracle, who stood as the all-knowing force that held the cosmos in place, based on Yoruba traditions and cultural learning.

Ifá sold the reality between good and bad to its believers and the Yoruba society. The diety told the truce between the past, present and had the ability to predict the future when consulted on matters relative to this subject.

For instance, one of the possible results on the search could be Èjì Ogbè, which holds the key to light and knowledge. This enlightens worshippers about the constant differentiation poles in the world.

Thus, it would be wrong to assume that life will always be good. Today, we find ourselves in a space where we surf the web, using Google as our motherboard for information on good and bad forces operating in our current society.

Interestingly, as we also have it today, with brands and institutions selling the instructions of developing a journey through the palms of our hands in their brand stories, Ifá worshippers also have this core value through Owonrin. This means that man is a body of potential, which can only be maximized without altercation.

This for me is one incredible premise through which tech innovators have today begun to build solutions that identify and narrow down issues to the barest minimum proffering the best solution possible.

Before now, Yoruba men and women took it upon themselves to consult the Oracle before they embarked on any journey just to be sure the way leading ahead is all safe and clear from them to leave, they get instructions from the diety as to when, why and where they should take the journey if they have to move as there might be a lot of perils or blessings ahead.

Today, a lot of Nigerians and Africans say they have prayed either as Christians or Muslims before setting out if their houses for work or for a meeting, but one thing we do not fail to check most especially if you live in Lagos is Google Map.

This map states the obvious real-time situation of the road, telling you the when and how you would reach a desired location in the bid to beat the odds on the road.

Yesterday, when the Ooni of Ife Oba Enitan Ogunwusi revealed that Ifá is the modern day Google we rely on for answers to our many pressing questions, it might have sounded weird but he spoke the truth. I would love to end this by quoting the Paramount Ruler’s words:

Without ‘Ifa’, there could never have been google, so it is the modern-day version of ‘Ifa’. ‘Ifa’ is all about information, getting knowledge from the Almighty God.

“Whenever you  search the google for information or knowledge, you are consulting ‘Ifa’; and without ‘Ifa’, there would not have been google.”

Think about it. However, let me know what you think in the comment section below. 

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