Important Apps that can Make Your Android Device Run Faster

Whenever the functionality of your Android device begins to falter, there may be a few underlining reasons

Lack of OS updates, an excessive number of apps, or accumulation of files are few of the many things that can bog down your Android’s system, making the device to function slowly.

For speed, battery, memory and RAM booster;

AVG Cleaner is a free (contains ads) optimization application available via the Google Play Store that provides several features including the ability to uninstall pre-installed applications, outdated files, and clean up RAM, cache files and unnecessary device data from your Phone. In addition, the AVG Cleaner can hibernate background apps, prolonging battery life for your Android.

The Software will direct you through the setup directions after uploading and installing AVG Cleaner. You are ready to start scanning and cleaning once it’s complete.

App cleaner to help remove unwanted junk;

Norton Clean is a free application and memory cleaner to help detect and remove junk, old Android Package Kit (APK) and residual files.

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After you’ve downloaded and activated the software from the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone, open the window, consent to the ‘Terms of Use’, and enable access to data. Norton Clean will start scanning your phone straight away.

Battery Saving Tip

There are also battery saver apps that can be used to monitor individual app’s battery consumption. Of course, it can be very difficult to know the battery consumption level of your many apps, however, apps like Greenify, GSam Battery Monitor, Servicely, App Standby among others are built specifically for this purpose.

greenify best battery saver apps for android

Greenify for instance more popular in this category. The software allows you to identify apps that wake up your phone more frequently. It can also help keep them from doing that so often. In addition, it comes with features for Android Nougat and beyond with Aggressive Doze and Doze modes. People who love freebies will find this interesting as you don’t necessarily have to subscribe to use it, however, there is an optional donate version that runs for $2.99 if you want to support development.



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