AI Translates Indian Politician’s Speech To Various Languages


Technology has really advanced. AI just translated an Indian politician’s speech to other languages so as to get more votes

This was reported by Vice who disclosed that the politician by the name Manoj Tiwari used an AI to say things he did not say. In the video which was used as a campaign, he spoke English, he also spoke in the Hindi dialect of Haryanvi.

According to the political communication firm Ideaz Factory who is working on his campaign, it said it used a ‘lip-sync’ deep-fake algorithm in which they trained with Tiwari’s speech and then the translation.
“We used a ‘lip-sync’ deep-fake algorithm and trained it with speeches of Manoj Tiwari to translate audio sounds into basic mouth shapes,” Sagar Vishnoi of The Ideaz Factory said. He added the aim of the AI is to allow the candidate to reach out to people he would have not been able to reach out to.
Amazingly the video was streamed by 15 million people in Indian. Although deep-fakes are sometimes used for positivity, we cannot overlook the negative side of it. It would be recalled that the now-infamous 2018 deep fake video of President Obama raised concerns about how misleading videos could be used in politics. Another video also appeared last year May on social media where Speaker House, Mary Pelosi was slurring her words.
To fight deep-fake videos, California passed a bill that makes it illegal for politicians to share deep-fake videos 60 days before the election and in January, the US House Ethics Committee told its members that sharing such videos on social media is a violation of the House rules and regulation.
The social media platforms are not left out as they have announced plans to combat deep-fakes video. Twitter deep-fakes video ban takes effect from March, while Facebook banned it last month.

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