Instagram is about to kill its unpopular direct messaging app


Who else is not aware that Instagram has a dedicated direct messaging app?

If you are also oblivion of the fact that Instagram has a dedicated direct messaging app, then it is most likely because you felt there was no reason to think that such an app exists. Not because it is not possible to make by the company, but because it is not necessary in the first place. However, that does not stop the existence of the app.

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Just like Facebook Messanger, the dedicated direct messaging app that was launched sometimes in 2017 is also supposed to be a sub for the actual photo-sharing app, although strictly for messaging in its own case as well. Now, the social media giant may be considering to put an end to the app any moment soon.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra and a few reviewers on the application’s Google Play page have reported getting a notification that says Instagram will no longer support the Direct app “in the coming month.” It didn’t mention an exact date for Direct’s demise, only that your conversations will automatically be transferred to the main Instagram app — the move won’t actually delete your DMs with friends, that you can find them in the main app as well.

The app demise will also affect the desktop version of the app which also was not as popular as the company intended- the reason for killing the app in the first case. Facebook would have expected the dedicated messaging app to achieve similar success as it own Messanger, however, considering that the app has failed woefully over the years, the company may be left with no choice but to kill it off like any other crappy app they have made in the past.

That been said, the main reason for killing the standalone app is yet to be officially stated, to think it is because it never truly gained traction in the first place, if it’s not worth the effort anymore seeing as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are both a lot more popular, or if it there’s another reason behind the decision. We’ve reached out to Instagram for confirmation and will update this post when we hear back.






































































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