Instagram Is Working On An Easier Way To Recover Hijacked Account

Instagram wants to offer users more  reassurance about issues that has to do with the hijacking of accounts

The Facebook-owned social media platform is reportedly working on a feature that allows owners of hacked accounts to have a chance of recovering it back. Here, Instagram wants to launch new processes that will give Instagram users a reassurance if their accounts are ever hacked in the first place.

The new in-app account recovery process will further make the recovery of hijacked account very easy. Compared to the era where you would have to fill out a support form, or perhaps you have to wait for mail that addresses such issue from Instagram support; the new development uses the app to ask for different types of info (such as your original email address or phone number).

The moment you respond to the first request, You’ll then get a six-digit code sent to the contact info of your choice, and Instagram will then prevent hackers from using email or phone number codes to take over your account from a different device.

What difference will the new process offer? You may like to ask

Apart from offering you more control over your account from the reach of a third party, it will also ensure that you could recover your account even if an intruder has changed the user name and contact data, unlike before, that you may end up losing your account in the long run.

Furthermore, Instagram is offering a safeguard that ensures a user name can’t be claimed for a “period of time” after account changes, whether it’s a hack or a voluntary change.

For now, the in-app process is not currently available, and it may take a while to see it roll out globally (maybe not for a long while). However, the temporary Username lockdown is available to all Android users now while it is currently been deployed to iOS users.

If you are wondering why it took Instagram so long to come through with the new process, then I guess we are both thinking towards the same direction, however, it appears like the company took so much time because it wants to ensure that it is well-done. Instagram is hoping that you can eventually recover an account entirely within the app, rather than leaning on the security team.

That been said, you also must note that this new process won’t totally prevent account hijacks, but it could discourage perpetrators hoping to take advantage of vulnerabilities in the current recovery approach.

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