Instagram new update allows manual timeline refresh


Social Media giant Instagram, has announced update features on its App that allows its users refresh their feeds and timeline manually.

This update comes with the introduction of  ‘New Posts’ button that allows its users manually refresh their feeds. This feature prevents the automatic refreshing feature that trashes older posts on a user’s timeline.  Interestingly, users of the App can now manually carry out the refreshing process of their timeline without the App doing automatically for them.

Also, there a slight change to the way Instagram feeds will appear for its users on their timelines, Instagram is making moves to make its users timeline appear more chronological, than random.

This is comes as a form of damage control after so much backlash from its algorithmic timeline was introduced. The algorithmic timeline, sorts posts based on what it assumes a user would like to see, which is a total reversal of the basic timeline users have been used to.

The feature is however, not perfectly chronological as its users may want it, but it is a step close to what is requested by users, so do not get too pissed when you  still see things randomly out of order on the social media App.

Predominately, this moves shows that Instagram has been paying clear attention, to the feedback it has been generating from its users.  Although, these updates still have their raw edges, Instagram’s aim is to serve its users, it has promised more changes in months to come.



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