Instagram to Test Personal Fundraising App

Instagram is adding personal fundraising app to allow users in the UK, the US, and Ireland to raise money for the causes they support

Users can choose to either start a cause or support an existing one, the company said all fundraisers will be screened to ensure they meet the existing rules.

The rules include a list of supported fundraising categories, and also details of cases in which a fundraiser would not be approved.

To use the Personal Fundraisers, users with access to the feature will tap “Edit Profile”, then “Add Fundraisers”, followed by “Raise Money”.

You will then choose a photo, select the fundraiser category, and input further details to tell the story and encourage donations.

When the donation is approved, you will then be able to raise funds for 30 days with the option to extend fundraising (This will only be once).

The future is also meant to support more sensitive cases, rather than serve as a replacement for the ongoing fundraising efforts.

For those who will be eligible to donate to personal fundraisers, Facebook said the users will use Instagram donation stickers. The users must however be above 18 years to create a fundraiser, then will the fundraiser be approved.

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