Instagram Will Send Notification Before It Disable Your Account


Disabling accounts is not a new ball game for Instagram, however, the company is working on a more diplomatic (I suppose) way of going around it

The Facebook-owned Instagram has been in the business of disabling accounts since ‘forever’, especially when such accounts are reported for T&C-violating activities which cut across various offenses including cyberbully, posting x-rated contents, among others.

In an attempt to be more diplomatic about the way it disables users’ accounts, Instagram is now making a few changes to the process. Currently, the platform removes accounts with a certain percentage of violating content. however, it’s rolling out a new policy that will also allow it to disable accounts with a certain number of violations in a given timeframe.


While Instagram is becoming lenient with the way it disables accounts on its platform, it has also hardened the Terms and Conditions, which now implies that more account will be prone to getting disabled. However, there is also a good side to the new development; Users will be able to appeal content deleted for violations including nudity and pornography, bullying and harassment, hate speech, drug sales, and counter-terrorism policies.

While the ability to appeal for the course of which your account is been disabled or a post been taken down by Instagram, the company will now include the ability in its Help Centre in the app.

Furthermore, Instagram informed that all its action is aimed at keeping the platform a safe and supportive place, and the policy changes are in line with its ongoing efforts to fight cyberbully that has rather become a persistent threat for internet users.

As part of its effort, the Facebook platform recently gave users the ability to restrict problematic followers, and it has added features that filter out bullying comments and use machine learning to spot harassment in photos. With constant effort from Facebook, there is no doubt that the company knows the value of privacy, and hopefully, it keeps making it better.


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