Instagram’s ‘In-The-Make’ Feature Will Let Users Post Group Stories

Instagram to make it easier for businesses to promote through Stories

Instagram may be Working on a new feature that will allow users to post group stories According to a new research

The supposed rumor was first leaked by a popular software researcher- Jane Manchun Wang, who has a solid track record of successful or genuine leaks. According to a recent discovery, Jane revealed that the Facebook-owned app has a new feature in the make, and while it is currently in its app test build, it will allow users to snap a photo from the story’s camera option.

Jane, in addition to her discovery, supplied pictorial evidence in a series of tweets, that also explained the process in which the new feature will work. In her explanation, once you snap a photo from the stories’ camera option, it’ll let you post it to your stories, stories visible to only close friends, and stories for a group. Plus, you’ll be able to create a new group and post your story there too.

The group story feature may, however, not be relevant for all, especially those that do not fancy the ‘closed circle’ world, but needless to mention, it is a feature that packs a lot of potentials. Also, this information is going public barely nine (9) months after Facebook closed its group story feature, and seeing it work on a similar approach for Instagram holds a lot of confusion, as to what the tech giant intends to achieve with the feature by rolling it out on its second platform.

That been said, there are no words on the wider availability for the feature, however, we will keep an eye out for you and keep you updated on future development about the feature.

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