Interswitch to Build Africa’s Future Problem Solvers Via InterswitchSPAK

With the ongoing pandemic causing lots of disruptions in businesses and various sectors globally, Interswitch is planning to build InterswitchSPAK, which will help solve a lot of problems

Interswitch Group, one of Africa’s leading integrated payment and digital commerce players via its education-focused CSR initiative, InterswitchSPAK-A-Future has seen its participants suggest some e-learning and technology-driven healthcare solutions used across the world.

IntersitchSPAK Switch-A-Future is an initiative that rewards and encourages students yearning to have a future in tech-inclined courses and tech careers. The competition aims at driving students’ interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It also takes the students through important stages of the National Science Competition, the Masterclass, Innovation Challenges, and the TV quiz show.

This initiative has been going on for two years now, and this year, the competition through its Innovation Challenge has had its participating student provide brilliant solutions to various issues around agriculture, healthcare, public transport system, financial inclusion, the electoral process, and out of school.

To tackle the issues out of school, three different groups comprising of nine students each, provided the solution to the issue of illiteracy in the society. The solutions include educational hub where learning is delivered via digital platforms, infusing games to cater to different learning styles.

Prior to Before now, about 16 million Nigerian children are unable to go to school due to unrest, poverty, and other factors. Technology can be used to reduce illiteracy, low skills, poverty, and unemployment in our society. The solution also had offline models with preloaded contents delivered via mobile games and kiosks. The groups also provided Skoolture for students in rural and urban areas with considerations for local language interpretation.

For healthcare, the InterswichSPAK 1.0 participants incorporated the current National Healthcare Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Technology has changed a lot of things, as we see students learning via Google classroom, Video Virtual classroom, Inshot, Zoom, and Plotagon.

The Interswitch Switch-A-Future participants, thinking about this before the COVID-19 is remarkable. More of this needs to be encouraged.

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