IOS 11.3 Software Update

IOS 11.3 Software Update

So many things that iOS 11 has brought to the table we are talking drop and drag to files app to augmented reality to even new types of emoji

IOS brings what we call animoji, better Arkit, more chat for business and finally battery health.

IOS 11.3 updates for spring update that bring a lot good changes for the iPhone and iPad. It brings a lot of superb new features that include animoji that included lions, dragons and bears. Additional settings for battery health that will bring about happiness for every slow iPhone owner as well a new ARKit that will have off your seat. Chat for businesses on Imessage

Crispy and vertical is added to ARKit


When ARKit was initially introduced it was just horizontal, now apple maps can boast of a vertical view and irregular surfaces. That in itself brings a vertical poster, walls even poster and doors. It’s so much better to autofocus now on higher resolutions support.


I am sure what people will enjoy first will be the animoji, but animoji was one way to show the ARKit capabilities in a better way. Definitely looking to see how third parties apps use it.

Business chat on iMessage

iMessage means business now but you see what I did there. But you can do your business properly on it now, as Apple has included that in it by a better control along complete privacy.

Battery Health

We all remember towards the end of last year when all heard that our loving apple was intentionally making our old apple devices slow well apple as a gone long way to fixing that issues with this new IOS 11.3 update. Battery health is included in the setting for more advanced power management.

It brings maximum performance and peak capabilities and it will let you know if your iPhone is slowed down, you turn it off now that ability is called performance management.

For those of us that use iPhone 7, iPhone 6S and the much older devices will fix the random switching off your phones

You will see messages depending on the abilities of your performance

  1. 100% – means your battery can support peak efforts
  2. 95% – Random switching Off due to the fact your battery can’t handle
  3. 79% or less – significantly degraded you should be to get your battery to perform better from an approved service provider.
  4. Unknown – will not be able to determine your battery health, find an authorized service provider

Settings are where you can remove performance management to a stage. All the processors have been worked to protect you from heat, that function can’t be disabled.

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