iOS 13.5 Chaos: Rendering iPhone Devices Useless This Annoying Question

It was released just days ago, but Apple users note an unusual iOS 13.5 bug that prevents launching of applications.

As with any software release, Apple users know the drill, there will be bugs in the latest version of iOS. And it only fell a few days ago, but it seems that iOS 13.5 is already suffering from a troubling crisis, with several users reporting that their applications will not open due to an unusual error. The problem first came up on Twitter, with Apple users claiming that they saw the post, “this software is no longer shared with you.”

According to 9to5Mac, which reported the story, consumers encounter issues with some of their applications and the issue is sporadic and not limited to any single device. It’s obviously linked to iCloud Family Sharing but it doesn’t mean your iCloud account has a problem, says 9to5 Mac.

What’s going on, then? It’s actually an Apple Server problem that stops iOS from confirming whether you’ve already downloaded the device that you’re attempting to launch.

The error message reads in full: “This app isn’t shared with you any more. You have to order it from the App Store to access it.”

There’s no way to get rid of the error alert so you should cancel the request, or send it to the App Store. Several users solve the issue by reinstalling the affected programs.

Apple hasn’t reported the issue yet, so presumably it’ll resolve it eventually, so it may be best to keep on fast and wait, however stressful it might be.

Apple’s iOS 13.5 is certainly a big update it includes vital features like being able to unlock your phone easily while wearing a mask.

It will also feature security fixes of course, so due to this bug, I would not recommend that you avoid updating your phone.

The concern comes following another major iOS crisis in May, which saw applications by Apple customers crashing because of a now-fixed bug in the Facebook software development kit ( SDK) used by other sign-in devices.


There is still no workaround for the problem and some users say it is not only having an effect on iOS 13.5. One reader emailed me to claim their iPad and iPhone running 12.4.1 are affected by the issue. Another person who runs iOS 13 but hasn’t upgraded to iOS 13.5 yet contacted me via Twitter to inform me there were issues as well.

Many people say that turning their phone on and off again works, so you may try reinstalling each of the impacted applications as described earlier. Other than that, we’ll have to wait for Apple to get a decent patch.

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