iOS 13 Will Bring Support For “Multi-Camera Capture”

A lot of features is coming to the iPhone this second half (H2) of the year and one of those that caught my attention is the Multi-camera feature

Does that even ring a bell in your head? I guess “maybe yes”. You are probably thinking of a camera output that offers different dimensions of a single shot like most Android device with a dual-camera lens does. Well, that is not the case here. Apple wants to offer something unique and ridiculous at the same time. I said ‘ridiculous’, not because the upcoming feature is bad, rather, it is one of the funniest features you would ever come across on iPhones (specifically the most recent trios and iPads in this case).

Apple wants to roll out a feature known as ‘Multi-camera capture’, and what it does is unbelievable- with the new feature, iPhone users can now take two different shot at the same time, one for the rear view and the other for the front view, while both outputs are placed side by side on the screen of their device.

Also, iPhone and iPad users will soon be able to provide a better context of what they’re experiencing via simultaneous capture of footage from both devices’ front and rear cameras. A video recording app that will suit the new app is also on the way as it was demoed by the company to showcase this feature and its ability to swap between the two cameras on the fly during playback.

While the whole explanation seems easy to comprehend, there may be some clause to using the new feature which can be used in specific combinations such as allowing the use of both the regular and telephoto camera on the back of the iPhone or just the front and regular rear camera (which is the casual one). Some combinations also enable using the TrueDepth selfie shooter with the iPhone’s rear cameras as seen in the descriptive image below.

Another clause to using the device is that you can only engage the feature in a single session on iPhones and iPads. What this means for iPhone users is that multiple sessions with multiple cameras or multiple cameras in multiple apps are not a possibility. Apple also listed the supported formats for videos and hi-res stills for its iPhone XS and whether or not they will be binned (over-sampled).

One more concern for iPhone users is that you will require a third-party app to make use of the new feature, as Apple-own camera will not support it for a start, although the company is reportedly working on that excuse. While this is the first of its kind, and coming from Apple, it will only be a matter of time before Android brands also pick on it on their devices.

Apple is also reportedly bringing another feature that can identify a person’s hair, skin, and teeth as part of iOS 13 is Photo Segmentation Mattes. While this will make a step ahead of the previous Portrait Effects Matte introduced in iOS 12, now you can face paint or change your hair color to match with the fall season, just in time for when iOS 13 arrives for the public.

Does any of this new feature make any sense to you? what’s take on these? Please share in the comment below.

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