iPhone 11 Users Complains That Background Apps Closes Too Quickly

Recently, many iPhone users, precisely the iPhone 11 owners have been reporting an issue that has to do with RAM mismanagement on the company’s latest flagship device

According to several complaints by random users across various social networks including Twitter, the new iPhone is quick to close background apps, and while there is no such specific reason for the devices’ action, most people are of the opinion that it has to do with RAM mismanagement.

MacRumors who also wrote about the issues listed quite a few quotes from people on its site revealing how inconvenience it has been dealing with the issue so far. Below are some of the quotes.

iOS 12 was perfect and [I] miss it for the main reason that any time I use the app switcher to go back to my previous app such as Safari or Instagram or Facebook or anything really, the app refreshes. Back in iOS 12 I could go back [to] multiple app[s] and it wouldn’t refresh. It was perfect. I’m running on an iPhone 7 Plus if it makes any difference but feel it shouldn’t.

I was watching a video in YouTube on my iPhone 11 Pro. I pause the video to respond to a text message. I was in iMessage for less than one minute. When I returned to YouTube it reloaded the app and I lost the video I was watching. I noticed this a lot on my iPad Pro too. Apps and Safari tabs reloading a lot more frequently than they did in iOS 12. Very annoying.

I was working on a spreadsheet in Excel and I switched to a YouTube video for like 10 mins or so and when I switched back, the app was no longer in memory. Not just that, it also flushed all Safari tabs out of memory too. None of the games are staying in memory after 20 mins.

Also on Twitter, some developers made similar claims, and the most prominent of them all is from Marco Arment who put up a thread addressing everything about the issue.

While there are several reasons why the flagship iPhones are aggressive about kicking out background apps, some of the popular reasons include low RAM, battery life, Camera among others. The painful part of the issues comes from users who are probably using their email, word or spreadsheet who may for any reason have to switch to other apps but got kicked out before they could go back to what they were doing.

Already, the flagship iOS 13 has received countless updates, and while the latest is 13.1.2, it is hoped that Apple will see a wrong with the said issue and make adjustments in a future software update.

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