iPhone Trick You’d Wish You Knew Sooner

Are you aware that your iPhone can do more than just screen-record or take screenshots? Your iPhone has little features that you might not have paid attention to.

You would be surprised to discover these tricks and tips, and if you thought you knew everything about the iPhone, this might just prove you wrong.

  1. To dim your iPhone with low light mode

When you’re using your phone in a darkened bedroom, or the screen is also too bright, modify the mode with low light. There are several possibilities to dim the display. You can then go to Settings > Display Brightness and consider moving the slider to the left or allow access to the Control Center and adjust the brightness level.

With just a few steps, you can also activate a low-light filter. Tap Settings > Functionality > Tilt > Tilt field > Zoom in full view. Return to main menu Zoom and press Filter Zoom > Low Light. Return to the previous menu Zoom and switch Zoom on.

2. Reply messages with a simple tap back

A Tapback allows you to simply reply your messages with emojis or “react” to a tweet. Dont bother hitting send, just double-tap, or hold a message while selecting a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, Haha,!!

3. To move multiple apps at once

Also, if you want to organize your apps on your iPhone, just  migrate different applications with one finger over a single app, and use another finger to tap and drag another icon, and stack it on the original icon that you still hold down. Continue Apps Stacking. When full, drag and drop the whole stack wherever you want.

4. To pause your audio

If you’re in bed, and you probably have insomnia and you’re the kind that needs music to sleep, simply tap on the Music app and pick your playlist your playlist and start a timer. you don’t have to start selecting an alarm or alert sound, tap When Timer Ends, scroll to the bottom and choose the Stop Playing option. Press start, and done!

5. To forward or delete messages

First thing to do is to open your message thread and place your index finger and thumb on the screen to quickly select messages to be forwarded or deleted. You can either choose Delete All, or delete or forward individual messages.

You might want to go on and tests these few iPhone tricks!. Enjoy.


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