Did Redmi just shade OnePlus in its congratulatory post?

Redmi sends warm regards to OnePlus in its latest post, and it suggests a mixed intention

We all know that Redmi has a flagship it tagged ‘Killer 20’ on its way, and on the other end, OnePlus has just unveiled its latest flagships- OnePlus 7, and 7 Pro. Now, the news is that, is Redmi actually doing so as a kind-hearted competitor, or is it another way of shading the brand as it prepares to launch its own killer flagship, a supposed better version than that of OnePlus?

Redmi’s upcoming flagship got its name officially confirmed yesterday and now the company also revealed that it’s coming to India soon. The self-proclaimed Flagship Killer 2.0 will feature the Snapdragon 855 and a 48MP camera the same as the just-unveiled OnePlus flagships. Ok, maybe Redmi actually has something extraordinary in the box, hence the hilarious note to OnePlus, which could also be termed to mean that OnePlus should rather brace itself, especially while it is about to witness the launch of Redmi’s killer 20.

The congratulatory note was posted by the company’s VP, Manu Jain, via a tweet, where he decided to congratulate OnePlus on the launch of their new OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro flagship and went further on to explain how the “flagship killer” mentality associated with OnePlus devices has all but disappeared, leaving Redmi to take its place. Check the Tweet below.

In the meanwhile, we have also learned that the internal name of the Killer 20 device is the “Demon King”, although not confirmed yet. According to GSArena, barely five years back, sometimes in 2014, OnePlus was marketing its phones as flagship killers but since then the company has steadily increased its prices. With its latest OnePlus 7 Pro starting at $670, the company is now competing with the more established premium brands and Redmi is looking to fill the void with its own line of high-spec devices with lower price tags.

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