Xiaomi’s African inclusion might disrupt the Nigerian mobile market


The mobile market has been one of the most interesting space to play in and this particular space has been dominated in Nigeria by Chinese mobile manufacturers because Nigerians are end-tail members of the production chain.

Currently, Transsion mobile has proven to have a device for every member of a family using its three functional tiers of mobile market brands.

While TECNO appeals to the sophisticated and image-centric beings, Infinix mobility has continued to produce devices that have tech-savvy users as its target user, itel has continued to appeal to low-income users, with effective but low budget devices that suit functionality.

However, it appears that the tide is about to change with a report on Global Times, which shows the gradual creeping of another Chinese mobile brand Xiaomi into the already dominated space.

The mobile brand has been reported to have begun the construction of offices and outlets in Africa to also begin to enjoy a massive share of the available mobile market currently present in Africa.

Xiaomi announced on Saturday it plans to establish an African regional department headed by vice president Wang Lingming. Xiaomi has been the top smartphone brand for five consecutive quarters in India.

Wang said the strategy of focusing on cost performance that has been used in India won’t be appropriate in Africa. He added that Xiaomi’s phones will be too expensive for Africans if the company doesn’t adjust prices to local conditions and consumers’ low purchasing power.

In the short term, I don’t think Xiaomi will pose challenges to Transsion because Transsion has been developing the African market for over 10 years. Transsion’s products, market positioning and strategy are all designed to be tailored to the African market

Although, the brand is acting like this new inclusion into the Nigerian market would not affect the Transsion brand, but this would be a new market trend that would change the work pattern of the existing mobile brands in the Nigerian market space.

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