Japanese Smartphone Restricts People From Taking Nude Selfies


Japan Phone Company, Tone has released a new phone called e20 restricts people from taking nudes selfies using AI

A lot of people are fond of taking nude selfies which they eventually send to their lovers. To them, it is a sign of love. A survey by Cosmo reveals that 89% of millennial women have taken naked photos. We are actually tired of seeing nudes photos uploaded online for different reasons, which is why Japanese phone company Tone has released a new phone called e20 which uses AI to restrict you from taking and sending nudes.

The phone features a triple-camera setup, despite costing just $180 (65,430.00), and a 6.26-inch display. But its most salient feature is Smartphone Protection. It is the AI-software within the camera app that blocks users from taking nude selfies. If you take a shot that the phone’s image-processing algorithm suspects are nude, it will block that photo from being saved to your gallery.

According to the company, the phone is aimed at protecting people, especially the young stars from being taken advantage of. The phone is also a good advantage for parents who want to catch their children in the act. If you are that parent, no need to worry because the phone can be connected to another person’s phone thereby alerting you if your child tries to do so.

AI has the ability to recognize the contents of a photo and it is used by various big tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and the likes. They use AI to stop the harmful spread of illegal content. 

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