JET Motor Company Builds Africa’s First All-Electric Automobile.


Amidst unfavorable circumstances surrounding individuals and various businesses in the country, many innovators have yet been making giant strides and proving ready for the future that is fast becoming a reality as a result of the rapid growth and advancement in technology

JET Motor company, a Nigerian auto manufacturing company, seems to be at the fore of innovations among other African automobile makers. The company has been working underhandedly towards the invention of electric-powered vehicles and luxury automobiles suited for the Nigerian and African clime.

In order to achieve this seemingly wild dream – considering all the odds – the company spent three years of research, testing, and iterative development and finally, JET has rolled out two different automobiles the JET EV (Africa’s first all-electric vehicle) and the JET mover (a luxury and durable minibus).

On why it took so long to introduce into the market, JET Motor Company’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Rupani Sanjay explained:
“We wanted to create a global product that is built to last. We were obsessed with getting it right because, if our vehicles can work well on Nigerian and African roads, they can succeed anywhere in the world.”

The company partnered with leading inter-state traveler, GIGM (God is good motors) for the first live-test of the vehicles. Sequel to this both companies have reached an agreement that will see JET Motor Company replace GIGM’s fleet with 2,000 units of the JET mover over the next few years.

The JET Mover is a line of luxury and customizable minibusses. The travel version of the vehicle has 13 passengers, leather seats as well as an entertainment system for each passenger. The JET Mover can, however, be customized for other uses like tour bus, cargo, medical emergencies, or school buses.

The JET EV on the order hand is well into the research and development phase. Presently, the JET EV prototypes can be driven as far as 300 kilometers on a single charge. According to the team, the vehicle will begin the full test in no time.

“We have already signed a contract with industry leader, GIG Logistics (GIGL) to supply over 50 electric JET EV buses over the next 2 years. We plan to commence testing in Q3 2020, utilizing GIGL pickup centers between Lagos and Benin as charging points.” Sanjay further explained.

With recent funding acquired from Canadian-based Africa Development Capital (ADC), Great man Legend and a number of Asian investors, to the tune of $9 million we hope that the company will be able to scale-up production in the coming months.

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