JUMIA Food Temporarily Shuts Down In Ghana

JUMIA food is currently not operational in Ghana, and in what appears to be a crash, the Africa e-commerce giant may not be able to offer food delivery services in the west-African Country

Although, there is yet to be an official statement from the e-commerce company to that regards, however, individual users who have attempted to make use of the JUMIA food app open up to a page that reads “Jumia Food is closed– Our office is closed at the moment, but we will be open again soon!”

scrolling through the app, all vendors’ portal on the app are closed respectively, including the Black Friday Deals with zero minutes track. Also, there is a pop-up on the top of the app, displaying contact numbers for those trying to reach the platform.

Meanwhile, Jumia in its recent earnings report revealed a profitable Third Quarter (Q3) for 2019 which grew by 52% during the period ending September.


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Jay Ush
Jay Ush
7 months ago

verify your sources! this is fake news. thought this was a respectable blog…