Kanye West goes all the way out to profess love for Donald Trump


Kanye West is up at it again. And this time, he has gone on to profess his love for the US President Donald Trump via twitter.

However, rumor has it that the Rapper lost a lot of followers on twitter because of his action.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed that the rapper has maintained an equal number of follower-ship.

Which is at around 27 million Twitter followers, roughly the same amount he had before he began tweeting things like, “We are both dragon energy,” and, “He is my brother,”

Declaring that he does not really agree with what everyone does might just be a very strong indication that Kanye West will continue to break the norm.

This is coming as after mark for Donald Trump who is believed to be blunt racist.

Well, Kanye West  did not profess his love without getting a reply from the 71 year old Republican, who also tweeted his love and appreciation for the musician.


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