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KIA’s ‘Imagine’ concept is a wild display of innovation

I haven’t fallen so much in love with KIA auto brand until I set my eyes on the ‘Imagine by KIA’ car concept EV

Innovation has always been the heartbeat of technology and that is why KIA over the time can step out in grand style to showcase the latest of its incubator project at the about to start Geneva Motor Show. The Auto brand has finally found a perfect definition for innovation via its very handsome, muscular C-class crossover that is a bit conservative for a concept car. I mean, beyond the regular KIA, the ‘imagine’ concept is way more a better Electric Vehicle (EV) than most I have seen around.

Imagine by KIA may not be all of what you wanted on its exterior, however, checking the interior of the car took me straight to another dimension- if you are not a screen-freak, then you might not really find the interior as appealing as if you love to be surrounded by screens. The Imagine concept EV is a tech wonder, thanks to its faceted seats, mirrored surface and bizarre array of 21 angled screens on the dashboard.

The highlight is without a doubt the displays, arranged in a rippling pattern across the dash in a way that’s both “casual and coordinated,” said Kia. They also serve to mock other automakers’ cars, which is a pretty YOLO idea for a concept car. “These 21 incredibly thin screens are a humorous and irreverent riposte to the ongoing competition between some automotive manufacturers to see who can produce the car with the biggest screen,” said interior designer Ralph Kluge.


If you don’t find those features I mentioned earlier any appealing then maybe other features will. The “shockwave” faceted design on the silk and leather seats, which apparently feel more comfortable than they look. It’s also got a “floating” center console with a mirror-like finish that frees up floor space, and copious storage via a trunk and front “frunk.” are other things to watch out for in the upcoming EV.

I haven’t said so much about the exterior, but some of the notable features include its bulging fenders, rounded one-piece bubble roof/windshield, suicide rear doors, very stubby nose, high-mounted turn signals and fresh take on the company’s ‘tiger nose’ grille. With the smooth curving top line, it was designed to be as aerodynamically slick as possible.


With all that has been said, I believe I must have inspired a potential buyer already, although there is still little or no detail yet about other feature of the EV, including details of the motor and battery- other than it’s “underpinned by a low-mounted, induction-charged battery pack that powers a compact drivetrain.” Since the car will never be sold, that hardly matters anyway.

It would be easy to dismiss that as so much robotic look, but so far Kia has more or less walked its talk when it comes to EVs. We were quite impressed by its all-new Niro EV, calling it an “electric crossover for the people” thanks to its 240-mile range and zippy performance. If the Imagine by Kia is anything to go by, it’s next-gen of EVs will look sharper too, but hopefully, Kia will use just a couple of displays.



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