Kid’s favorite ‘Baby Shark’ makes it to top 40 on Billboard


If you are a parent, then you probably be aware of the kiddies song titled ‘Baby Shark’

The kiddies favorite song by Pinkfrog has gone so viral that it is now listed among the top 40 of the American-owned Billboard; a platform that has the most trusted music ranking votes around the globe. If you know what it takes to have a song enlisted on the Billboard, then you can relate to the fact that the song has actually made a recognizable impact around the globe. This also means that you shouldn’t expect the song to fade off any moment soon, maybe in the next decade when it does probably become a throwback favorite to many by then.

Taking 32nd place in the chart (ahead of Ellie Goulding, Lil Wayne, and Ariana Grande’s Imagine), the song has been watched over 2.1 billion times on YouTube, making it one of 30 most-viewed videos ever. According to Billboard, it’s been streamed 20.8 million times in the past week alone, with 73 percent coming from video.

The song which lyrics a baby shark, its mama, and papa, in a lively hip-hop genre, has been used for several skits online, and it really depicts the kind of a song to play especially during a family bonding. The song’s video origins are what’s propelled it into virality, of course — it’s pretty unlikely that it would have seen such popularity without the accompanying visuals that kids find so appealing. And this is a big deal for music.

The upshot here is that music charts are essentially anyone’s game now, and that has the potential to change popular culture entirely. Following the success of Baby Shark, the educational company behind it, Pinkfong USA, says it plans to develop Baby Shark into an “entertainment brand what will be enjoyed by generations to come.” Well done, everyone.

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