Konami announces Contra Anniversary Collection

One of the classics of the gaming world is Contra which has been around for decades. Despite it being an old game, the Contra series has managed to enjoy comebacks in many different forms over the years, but if you’d like to replay all of them, you’re in luck.

Konami has recently announced that they will be launching the Contra Anniversary Collection. As its name implies, this is a collection of all Contra games that have been released so far, including the original arcade versions of the game, to even SNES exclusives. This collection will be playable across multiple platforms such as the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the PC.

The best part of this collection is that they will allow players to experience the game that they might not have had in the past, either due to geo-location restrictions or due to platform exclusives. Konami also announced that those who buy the collection will also be able to expect an update later where they will introduce six Japanese variants of Contra games.

As we have seen in the past, Japanese companies release certain titles exclusive to Japan and then titles for the rest of the world. If you want to complete your Contra experience, then this collection could be worth checking out upon its release.

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