Latest Spotify update optimized for Apple Watch Series 4 and iPhone XR, XS Max screen sizes


Apple introduced new screen sizes to the iPhones and Apple Watch back in 2018, prompting developers to update their apps and UI elements to make it fit properly, otherwise users will be seeing the zoomed in effect which while functional, doesn’t look very good.

Now, according to a new report, users of Spotify will be pleased to learn that the company has since updated its app where it will now fit the new screen sizes offered by the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS Max and the Apple Watch Series 4. This is not a particularly huge update but if you wanted a UI that fits nicely and is optimized for your iPhone or Apple Watch, then this is an update you’ll definitely want to check out.

That being said, we expect that Apple should have settled with its choice of display size by now and for 2019 we don’t expect to see any new sizes introduced, so hopefully, this will give developers more time to catch up and optimize their apps.

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