Lenovo’s Smart Wall Clock Can Double As a Digital Photo Frame

Smart home has become an ideal with the development and advancing of technological items. While Google and Amazon, have taken the leap in this market, other brands like Samsung and Lenovo have not been left behind in the conversation.

One of its key features is its ability to wake potential users up at set times just like the typical alarm clock, but this comes with a lot more.

The device, which is expected to sell at $60 comes with a 4-Inch touchscreen display, and in-built Google Assistant, which helps it recognize voice prompts from users.

The screen can start getting brighter 30 minutes before your alarm time to ease you out of your sleep.

Also, Users will be able to display their personal pictures on the wall of the smart clock, which gives a sense of personalization to every user of the device.

To get pictures on the device, users will be able to syn their already clouded pictures on Google Photos on their Smart Clock.

The device also helps users plan their daily activities from a display of the day’s weather forecast —  to a digital calendar.

However, on the downside, users cannot view videos on the smart clock, so you literally have to pay $60 for an automated alarm clock with voice recognition.


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