LifeBank Expands Territory to Ibadan, Launches Digital Blood and Oxygen Bank

Nigeria-based health startup, Life Bank is expanding its business into Ibadan, as it reportedly launched a digital blood and oxygen bank in the third most populated city in the country

Popular for the speedy delivery of blood from labs across the country to patients and doctors in hospitals, Life Bank has slowly grown to become a very significant startup in the country, considering the increasing need for its services.

As a matter of fact, the Nigeria Health Ministry revealed that more than 1.7million units of blood are needed annually, however, there has rather been a shortage in its supply capacity; as such, Life Bank has taken up the responsibility to bridge this gap using a digital alternative. This attempt to solve the shortage in blood provision has no doubt saved a lot of patients who may have ordinarily falling victim of circumstances.

Founded in 2016, by health manager, Temie Giwa-Tuboson, the startup has been able to save at least 9,076 lives and serving 1,131 hospitals since its inception. It also boasts of establishment beyond the wall of Lagos state; currently, it operates in other states including Abuja, Port-Harcourt, and most recently, Ibadan where it just launched.

About its Business Module

Life Bank operates a platform that allows interested donors to voluntarily donate their excess blood, and subsequently wait for hospitals or needing patients to request via its website, after which it then delivers to their exact location using its safe logistic services.

While the website allows hospitals to request for pants of different blood groups, interested donors can as well go on the site to register as voluntary donors, book an appointment and find the nearest blood bank where their donation is mostly needed.

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When asked sometimes by a reliable source what inspired the establishment of the Life Bank; Tunbosun explained that she was inspired by the complication she suffered during the birth of her first child, which led to the establishment of the startup. Also, while speaking at an event, she explained that “our goal is to be the supply chain engine for health systems in emerging markets.”

“We’re not only focusing on blood, but we also do emergency medical oxygen, so our plan is to add more to our portfolio and to reach every country on the continent, and even go beyond the continent to other emerging markets that have the same healthcare supply chain issue” Tunbosun added.

As you would imagine of any busy city like Lagos, one of the re-occurring challenges the startup have had to deal with is the issue of heavy traffic, and despite having to transport blood using motorbikes, there has been the need to figure out faster alternatives; Recently, the startup commenced drone delivery for blood transport, which according to the company will aid a more effective process.




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