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Friday, September 20, 2019
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Like Apple, Amazon may be working on a News app for Fire Tv


Amazon is reportedly working on a stand-alone News app, and like Apple News Plus, users will have access to news from various sources

Amazon wants to offer its many users other products other than movies, and just recently, the America-based streaming network is planning to launch a news app like that of Apple, although in its own case, the company wants to focus on a Video news app which is not totally the same as Apple news plus which consist of printed news alongside a magazine feed.

The information was first shared by insiders from Amazon who also informed that the Amazon video news app will be free, but ad-supported and could launch in the next few months.

The news which is coming barely a year after the company’s TV-competitor Roku launched its own free, streaming news service. Amazon may have felt a little thretened by the development, as the network is getting a lot competitive by the day.

According to rumors, Amazon is looking to provide local news coverage, which The Information points out, could be a way to distinguish its offering from Roku’s.

So far, Amazon is yet to officially declear its plans, leaving numerous questions unanswered. Also, We don’t know if Amazon has reached any programming deals, or if perhaps the news content will be exclusive to the app or what the timeline looks like. However, if the news app succeeds, Amazon might integrate it as an option for its Alexa offerings. Until then lets hope Amazon reveals more substancial details about the app.


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